Avatars and virtual reality

Developed by CRIUSMM researchers Alexandre Dumais and Stéphane Potvin, therapy through avatars and virtual reality helps to mitigate the impact of auditory hallucinations on people with schizophrenia who are resistant to the usual therapies.

Promising results

Fifteen of the 19 patients who took part in the pilot project saw their quality of life improve considerably after just six therapy sessions.

To learn more about this method of treatment and its results, watch these reports by Caroline Lacroix and André Bernard.


This data shows the effectiveness of the treatment after just a few weekly sessions.

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This mobile application provides support to youth who’ve been affected by bullying, giving them information and strategies to deal with the situation.

... Telepsychotherapy

Telepsychotherapy allows patients to receive effective psychotherapeutic treatments when they don’t have access to specialized professionals.