Telepsychotherapy allows people unable to access resources in their community to consult with specialized professionals through real-time digital video technology.

Is it effective?

Scientific studies have shown that treating patients suffering from post-traumatic stress remotely can produce effective results similar to those obtained through psychotherapy in person.

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Essential references

The three articles below were published by Axel Centre authors and have been cited in studies more than 250 times.

Assessment of the therapeutic alliance in face-to-face or videoconference treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, 2010

Authors: Vanessa Germain, André Marchand, Stéphane Bouchard, Stéphane Guay, Marc-Simon Drouin

Effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy administered by videoconference for post-traumatic stress disorder, 2009

Authors: Vanessa Germain, André Marchand, Stéphane Bouchard, Marc‐Simon Drouin, Stéphane Guay

Relative efficacy of cognitive-behavioural therapy administered by video-conference for post-traumatic stress disorder: A six-month follow-up, 2011.

Authors: André Marchand, Dominic Beaulieu-Prévost, Stéphane Guay, Stéphane Bouchard, Marc-Simon Drouin, Vanessa Germain

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