Help us build a world where mental health and physical health are treated equally.

Every day, we devote our energy to accelerating the integration of technology and adopting innovative, non-pharmacological approaches to prevent and treat mental health disorders.

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A reality that affects us all

Mental health disorders impact the entire population:

We believe that traditional approaches to mental health can be revolutionized.


Our support service

Our support service aims to support and accelerate the development of digital technologies in mental health and to facilitate their scientific validation. Our researchers benefit from personalized support and work and reference tools adapted to their needs. The support that we offer can be punctual or spread from the idea to the valorization and perpetuation of the developed technology.


This step helps to clarify the project. With the help of a project sheet, the researcher defines the overall vision, the specific objectives and the main parameters of the project. It is also an opportunity to evaluate the context, the tasks to be carried out, the strategies and the resources that will be required in order to prioritize the desired functionalities.


The planning of the project will require, among other things, the study of scientific, ethical, legal, procurement and intellectual property issues. This step also facilitates the identification of partners and funding sources.


Using different tools and with the participation of partners, we support you in the reflection and creation process of your digital technology. We accompany researchers in the consultation or co-construction process with users.


The Centre Axel assists you in evaluating the scientific aspects associated with digital technology in mental health. Through methodological tools, training activities or access to potential users, we offer you support in the evaluation of your existing technologies or those under development.


Promotion and branding strategies are essential to get your digital technology used. We also support you in the study of the various possibilities of perpetuation (valorization, marketing, patent, license etc.).

Our work has already made big impacts

The projects we’ve developed generate concrete results that encourage us every day to further our research.

... Telepsychotherapy

Telepsychotherapy allows patients to receive effective psychotherapeutic treatments when they don’t have access to specialized professionals.


This mobile application provides support to youth who’ve been affected by bullying, giving them information and strategies to deal with the situation.

... Avatars and virtual reality

This treatment method is promising to mitigate the impact of auditory hallucinations on schizophrenic patients who are resistant to the usual therapies.

... iSMART

The app was developed by mental health researchers to aid people in managing chronic stress.

... Getting Better My Way

This self-management support tool can help people living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.

... SecurApp

SecurApp was created for persons of the age of majority in Quebec and Canada who want to have access to a support when experiencing difficult situations.


Our team

The Axel Center consists of a co-management and an advisory committee.

The Chairs

The management of the Centre Axel is jointly assumed by the Research Director of CR-IUSMM, Dr. Stéphane Guay and a CR-IUSMM researcher, Dr. Isabelle Ouellet-Morin.

Stéphane Guay Co-director, Centre Axel

Isabelle Ouellet-Morin Co-director, Centre Axel

Advisory Committee

To be sure that the strategic orientations of the Centre Axel are consistent with the realities of the different members of the ecosystem, an Advisory Committee guides the main orientations of the Centre Axel.

Jonathan Brière

Jérôme Dussault

Ted Hill

Paul L’Espérance

Thi Be Nguyen

Luc Sirois


Make a real difference

We believe that technology can play a major role in helping people accept mental health issues and making treatment more accessible and effective. Many challenges lay ahead still and we need your help to go further. To learn more about fund governance, visit the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal Foundation website.