Cocktail conferences: Game and digital intelligence to learn, create and adapt

11 March 2020


Series of 3 cocktail conferences on the theme of games and digital intelligence to learn, create and adapt|

March 17 to April 16, 2020

The Game and digital expression group of the Innovation Laboratory, in collaboration with our partner Inven_T, the new technosocial innovation center of University of Montreal, invites you to a series of 3 cocktail-conferences on the theme of game and digital intelligence to learn, create and adapt.

The co-director of the Centre Axel, composed of Isabelle Ouellet-Morin and Stéphane Guay, professors at the University of Montreal and researchers at the Research Center - Montreal University Mental Health Institute Research Center as well as Alexandre Dumais, also a researcher at the Research Center, will initiate the conference series by forming the panel for the first conference on " exciting advances in mental health evolving technologies " on March 17.

Conference information

Current technological developments allow us to foresee new applications in a whole variety of areas. In mental health, they take different forms, whether for screening, prevention or to provide non-pharmacological solutions complementary to existing treatments. This conference will highlight innovative initiatives, developed by professors from the University of Montreal, that have great potential for positive social benefits and change traditional approaches to mental health.

Three initiatives will be presented. The Centre Axel, a technological intelligence accelerator in mental health, brings together an ecosystem of researchers, entrepreneurs, clinical users and patients. The +Fort mobile application, which aims to help young people better understand their bullying experiences to identify the strategies best suited to their situation and to experiment with them, to reduce the bullying experienced. And Avatar therapy which, using virtual reality, opens up new perspectives in the treatments offered in psychiatry.

Location: Agora du MILA, 6650 rue St-Urbain, Montreal

Date: March 17, 2020, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.